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Congratulations to featured artist:

Eileen Harwood

? Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

“When I joined CWA I was so ready for an online program like this. Jerry and Rebecca delivered live weekly lessons, modeled their techniques, and created helpful exercises and resources to hone our skills and intentions. My technical skills skyrocketed with the addition of these live and videotaped examples. As the Academy moved into its second year, I was ready for their well- developed series of lectures exposing us to basics in art history and, specifically, abstract art movements. It has been the most comprehensive program on cold wax medium and oil, abstract art, and so much more. It is an international community of artists interested in learning and applying skills for the long haul and developing a fine artist’s mindset. It is exactly the challenge I was looking for; Rebecca and Jerry continue to develop, refine, and learn more to share with those of us who are serious about making art using cold wax medium.”


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Kathleen Theriault

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