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Is Cold Wax Academy only for artists working with cold wax medium?

Any artist who paints will benefit from our content! While our technical content has a unique focus on cold wax medium and oils, most of our content is valuable to all ways of painting. We cover color, value, line, shape, and texture. We talk about composition, editing, style, and personal voice. We also have content and guest speakers that help artists with professional development in their art practice.

“I have been painting for many years. Jerry & Rebecca’s teaching can be applied to other media as well. Thank you for helping me become a more confident artist!” -Josie Tilton

Is CWA just for beginners?

We address ALL LEVELS of experience, from beginners to more advanced artists. Our sessions cover basic content then explore it further. As artists grow, they can view the lessons again to gain deeper knowledge of subjects that interest them.

“This membership is such a good value. It always makes you stretch yourself.” – Maggie Bruce

Is it too late for me to join now?

It’s NOT TOO LATE! We specifically design our content so that an artist can join and start learning AT ANY TIME. Also, all of our LIVE SESSIONS are recorded, so you can go to our Member Library and review previous content at your convenience.

“Thank you for making the library available so I can view at my convenience and revisit what is being said. The lessons really pull together the book and video.” – Gayle Scholl

Is CORE or FULL Membership right for me?

CORE Membership offers access to all our weekly LIVE SESSIONS and access to our Member Library of recorded sessions. FULL Membership offers the same, PLUS you can watch our 7-hour VIDEO WORKSHOP (all the content Jerry & Rebecca teach in a 5-day workshop and more…Learn more HERE). FULL Members also have exclusive access to Jerry’s 12 Essential Lessons and 6 Mentoring Messages.

“I feel so very fortunate to be able to enjoy the benefits of FULL Membership. The structure, depth, and integrity invested in your extraordinary book, lessons, and videos is very much appreciated.” – Carolyn Bates

I already own the Video Workshop, so I should join as a CORE Member, right?

Well, maybe. Many of our current FULL Members started as CORE Members who owned our Video Workshop. However, they upgraded soon after and feel that Jerry’s 12 Essential Lessons and 6 Mentoring Messages were absolutely worth the price of FULL Membership.

“I upgraded my CORE Membership to FULL Membership. Initially I was hesitant, because I had already purchased both the book and video which were excellent. Was the upgrade from core to full membership worth the investment? For me, it a resounding YES! The first episode of mentoring alone was worth the extra money. if you are questioning the benefit of moving from core to full membership when you have already purchased the video or book or both, do not hesitate. It is money very well spent!” – Linda Ryan

I’m not sure about membership. Can I just purchase the Video Workshop?

We no longer sell copies of the workshop. However, we now offer limited-time streaming access to the Video Workshop. Learn more HERE. If you decide to enroll after purchasing the video access, you can easily upgrade to FULL Membership.

Will I receive individual feedback on my work?

Yes, Members may post finished or in-progress work on our Member Classroom page and receive feedback both from other Members and from Rebecca and Jerry. In addition, we frequently show and critique work by Members during our LIVE sessions.

“I find your critique and analysis of artist paintings extremely helpful!” – Anita Dellal

How is CWA different from other online classes?

CWA stands out due to the level of professionalism and experience behind all that we do. Between us we have over 50 years of painting experience and over three decades of teaching experience. Jerry has extensive experience in adult education and holds an adult education certificate from the University of Washington. Rebecca has an MFA and taught art at the university level. We have taught well over a hundred cold wax workshops in the US and internationally, and our award-winning book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations (now in its third printing) is widely regarded as the seminal and most comprehensive resource on the topic.

“I think you are master teachers. You have included a great amount of information in a structured, thorough manner and in easy-to-understand delivery.” – Anita Dellal

Is Cold Wax Academy only one year?

No! Although our CORE and FULL Memberships are annual, CWA will continue beyond a year. We launched CWA in October 2020 and base our curriculum on a quarterly structure. We already have exciting  content and guests lined up for year two. There’s so much left to learn!!! FALL 2021 is our ‘TECHNIQUES’ Quarter. We will cover basic and advanced techniques with lots of demos. We’ll also cover combining CWM with encaustic, collage, photography, sculpture, and MORE! DON’T MISS THIS!

How is CWA organized to optimize learning?

Our curriculum examines individual topics in depth, but also provides an integrated experience. Each quarter we choose three topics that are essential for creating strong work, maintaining an art practice, and developing as an artist. Each is covered separately and in detail, while taking previous and concurrent topics into consideration.

“I signed up for CWA Membership, but I feel like I’m in Art School…WOW! This is all so helpful to me.”  – Nicolet Groen


I'm a member. How do I update my profile, payment, and subscription info?

Click HERE for a helpful video about how to do that and more. 

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