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$ 0 Free Forever
  • unlimited access to our online community group where we will invite artists to post work, ask questions, get and give advice, and offer their thoughts, experience, and encouragement.
  • Cold Wax Academy’s trusted team, Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, will post videos, links to helpful information, and comment to help foster learning, growth, and community.
  • exclusive discounts on tools, books, and other CWA resources
  • periodic live Q&A
  • periodic drawings for free books, tools, and other CWA merchandise


$ 45
Monthly Membership
  • We continue our every other week LIVE Sessions, MEMBER CRITIQUES, LIVE MENTORING and LIVE PAINTING HELP!
  • LIVE sessions happen wednesdays 11am eT (NYC)
  • LIVE educational content (technical material, techniques, artistic development)
  • LIVE guest speakers and panel discussions
  • LIVE critiques of member work
  • LIVE focused Q&A
  • automatically part of our exclusive ONLINE CLASSROOM where Artists are invited to post work, ask questions, get and give advice, and offer their thoughts, experience.
  • priority response to technical and artistic inquiries
  • first notification and registration for Rebecca & Jerry's in-person workshops
  • giveaways that will include gift cards, tools, mentoring sessions, and CWA merchandise
  • exclusive streaming access to the Cold Wax Video Workshop
  • Exclusive Access to Jerry’s 12 Essential Lessons
  • Exclusive Access to Jerry's 6 Mentoring Messages

*Please note: to promote continuity, community, and trust in our Member Classroom, if you cancel your membership and then decide to rejoin, you will not be permitted to rejoin the Member Classroom and participate in LIVE Sessions for a period of 6 months following your cancellation. You will, however, have access to all recorded content upon rejoining.

PLUS Monthly Membership Details

This level offers amazing opportunity for learning and growth. All Monthly PLUS Members will have exclusive streaming access to lessons, mentoring, and Rebecca and Jerry’s highly praised Cold Wax Video Workshop, with nearly seven hours of content.

PLUS Members have exclusive access to Jerry’s 12 Essential Lessons:


“These 12 lessons helped me in areas I didn’t even know I was struggling. I feel so much more confident when I paint! Thank you!” – Janet S.

Jerry McLaughlin introduces his 12 Essential Lessons


“Even though I had taken several workshops, within minutes, I learned something that helped me with a painting I was working
on.”  – Swasan A

Jerry shares how he mixes his beautiful, deep grays in Essential Lesson 9: Whites, Blacks & Grays

Jerry shares how he mixes his beautiful, deep grays in Essential Lesson 9: Whites, Blacks & Grays

PLUS Monthly Members have exclusive access to 6 Mentoring Messages: ‘addressing the inner aspects of making art’

1. The ‘Gap’ – keeping perspective and avoiding frustration
2. Going Deeper in Your Work – choosing, committing, and overcoming negative selftalk
3. Setting Limits – to promote learning and creativity
4. Intentionality – the importance of a visual vocabulary
5. Going Deeper in Your Work (Part 2) – working in series
6. Daily Domino – grow your art practice

Jerry and Rebecca Cold Wax Academy

PLUS Members have exclusive streaming access to Rebecca and Jerry's Cold Wax Video Workshop: everything they teach in a 5-day workshop and more!

PLUS Members also have exclusive access to Jerry's 12 Essential Lessons and 6 Mentoring Messages: focused lessons and advice Jerry has developed through teaching nearly 600 workshop students.

Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell take their highly respected teaching practice beyond the classroom with this 29-part High-Definition (HD) video that packs in all the demonstrations, techniques, and topics they present in the 5-day workshops they teach around the world. Over a year in the making, it was filmed and edited by a professional team of videographers and is nearly 7 hours long!


“I just finished watching the videos for the first time. My goodness, they are wonderful!!! Congratulations on this amazing work. Thank you for creating these videos, for your hard work, for your passion.” – Barbara

Rebecca demonstrates a painting from beginning to end, showing how she creates her subtle beautiful shapes and layering.

Jerry and Rebecca Cold Wax Academy
Cold Wax Academy

“After looking all over the internet for the best teachers, you are it.” – Darcy G

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