2-Inch Soft Brayer



The 2-inch brayer is perfect for smaller paintings or for detail work on larger pieces. This professional brayer features a sturdy handle that doubles as a stand. Inverting the brayer keeps the roller from touching surfaces until you are ready to use it.

The roller has a metal axle and is mounted in a metal frame. This keeps the brayer rolling smoothly and makes cleanup easy.

Protect the surface of your brayer from damage by storing it ‘roller-up’ as in the photo. We’ve designed the flat gray edge specifically for this.

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Durable Custom-Made Construction

Now available in 5 sizes!

“They work beautifully – smooth, even application – and, bonus, they clean up really well. I have two other 4-inch brayers but the SP CREATE brayers are definitely superior.” – Ceci L

Our custom-made brayers are not available anywhere else and are a result of testing over a dozen models. We love them because the non-latex roller is just the right softness for creating beautiful surface effects with cold wax and water-based media. They have become our ‘go to’ brayers. Our new product and packaging design reflect our ongoing commitment to quality.

More about our one-of-a-kind brayers ➞ here



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